Personal Questions ? Please Speak to Us!

We are a Private Student Accommodation Service Provider Since 2010, we have been Serving over 2000 Students in Austin Texas, U.S.A  Providing Full Stack Services to our residents living with us on off campus locations and now we have spread our arms to you, the worlds youngest population.

We provide Everything a student requires, its like you never left your home.

We give you fully furnished large size rooms for you to move around with personal box bed space for your luggage / mattress / Pillow / Bedding / Study Table / Chair / Mirror / Cupboard /  a Smart 32″ T.V + DTH for new age entertainment, stepping out, you can head to the cafeteria equipped with In-House Kitchens where Chefs are preparing Multi cuisine Fresh Meals round the clock and Help is running around to serve you just the way you get pampered by your parents at home. There are Coffee Vends & Snack Vends for your mid night Cravings our common areas full of friends and chatters, entertainment is ongoing 24/7 be it your personal room entertainment or a competition between friends over a game of T.T. , Pool or Ps4. There is no room for Lonliness.

Any person who is over 18 and is a student that is enrolled with an educational institution can live with us at any of our developments across India.

Yes You can enroll yourself for short term stays but it only depends if there is availability in that specific location you choose to live.

Every students inn  Location has different sharing type rooms , Size of the rooms, value added services & facilities. So the rent for each location is different. Our base price starts from 11,000 and reach upto  30,000 if you want to see what all is included in which location and at what price please visit our locations tab on the website

Sorry we do not offer unisex residences.

Security is one of the Major concerns of parents these days but children being in the teenage world want their freedom aswell and there is no stopping them so we have entry restrictions which can be excused by the permission of parents or local Guardian all the restrictions in place and procedures to be excused are briefed to the parents at the time of check in

All our Properties are equipped with Biometric-Entry systems which means only residents and working staff can enter the premises. There are 24/7 Security Guards & resident  Managers who take care of each individuals personal needs. In times of illness and emergency our on call doctors visit you in your room assisted along with our Resident managers at your disposal all the time.

You get 4 times meals in a day : Breakfast | Lunch | Evening Snacks & Dinner we also serve Non Veg Meals 3-4 times a week. All Meals are Cooked in our In-house kitchens with complete Hygiene.

Yes Eggs and Milk are provided Daily only During Breakfast.

Your Clothes Washing is the biggest issue faced by parents as they think ohh how will you wash clothes?? Dont worry all our locations have Laundry Vendors Outsourced who take your clothes Wash them , Iron them and hand you back spic n span. We also have dedicated laundry areas in the Buildings where you can wash your branded clothes and the U.G’s.

We have Professional Dedicated house keeping team who is now equipped with PPE Kits and sanitization material sanitizing your personal space and washrooms everyday without hesitation you can request a personal cleaning even during odd hours if it is an emergency. So live carefree with us.

Typically a student Term is for an year but if you have short term courses we do provide short term stays but this completely depends on the availability.

In India Every Body Revolves around food and we know how others take advantages and promice you good food but by the end of the 1st month things take a U turn and the service providers all become the same providing you WORST Food served.

We May not be the best ….but in food specialty services No one can beat us. We have a Great Team of professional chefs and hospitality individuals who know how to satisfy their customer on every step. While we don’t like to compare what we offer with what PGs and hostels do, we do like to do things openheartedly. We’re not looking to make money by just leasing out a room. We are providing living spaces that are comfortable, spacious and professionally managed.  facilities that don’t fail you when you most need them. We create common areas that are more than just a bunch of tables and chairs thrown together. Like you, we also don’t like wardens. So we have Property Managers / concierge instead, who are super helpful and courteous. Our Complaints are handled the same day, maintenance issues resolved within 24-48 hours and prompt transport system along with super wifi system. After all, it’s our responsibility to provide you a living experience that stays with you. That’s why we manage every residence ourselves through a team with Hospitality in their blood.

Personal Questions ? Please Speak to Us!

Booking your studio is easy! The booking process is simple and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. You will need to find your location first and then select the room you want to book. fill in the registration form and one of our agents will call u back

Once you have made the booking and paid the booking amount or have paid the fee, even if you wish to cancel 1 month prior we have a strict no refund policy.

Yes we can transfer your booking to other property of ours but incase there is a price difference then you will have to adhere to those.

Yes we can transfer your booking to other property of ours but incase there is a price difference then you will have to adhere to those.

Guests of the same gender can come and stay with an overnight charge of Rs. 500/- and is only applicable with permission of parents and only allowed for 2 consecutive nights not more than that.